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LV Police Department - Regulament Intern / Internal Rules


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LV Police Department - Regulament Intern / Internal Rules  Empty LV Police Department - Regulament Intern / Internal Rules

Post by Zikoo Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:25 pm

+ Internal Order :

- Respect the team in which you are.
- Don't ask the leader / subleader for rank.
- Don’t report a PD member or any other member from the departments (FBI, NG) on the forum, but send a PM to the leader or find him ingame to resolve the problem.
- For questions, suggestions or problems you need to announce the leader or subleader.
- Don’t argue on [/d] or [/r]. If you do this there will be severe consequences.
- Using the PD commands for personal purposes or for entertainment is forbidden. The punishment for this is getting kicked out of the department and NEVER being able to join again.
- You are not allowed to use any job than Detective.
- You are not allowed to have materials, durgs or any other illegal items.
- It’s forbidden for a PD member to rob a bank. The punishment for this is being kicked out of the department for good.
- You are not allowed to use weapons in the LVPD Garage. You can only use them in the PD Armoury.
- Serious sanctions will be given to those who make negative comments at another department's expense. The departments must be united. Those who seek verbal fights are not worthy of a department.
- When a LSPD/LVPD/FBI/NG member violates the driving laws you have to pull him over and take a ScreenShot of [/wanted] and if he says that he is in a pursue of a player that doesn't have the right to surrender you are obligated to use [/mdc] on that player. If he is not in a pursue you can send the proof to his leader and will get FW or you can give him two tickets of $1,000.
- The rank 3+ members: There is no longer an universal price for [/lawyer]. Every rank 4+ member can negociate with the buyer, within the limits set by the script. One accept lawyer equals 15 points [/acceptpoints]. You receive one acceptpoint at every payday. Who violate the limits set by the script at the sale of [/lawyer] will be punished with FW.
- The rank 3+ members can go after wanted and can arrest suspects from (almost) any vehicle. You are not allowed to use personal cars for Roads (confiscating licenses / giving tickets, etc).
- When you answer to a report on the RPG Website, you have to give professional answers. If you make spam or you use bad language against the reporter, you will get punished.
- If you were reported at the faction on the RPG website, you have 2 days (48h) to show your proofs. In the other case, the leader will decide your fate only after the reporter's proofs.
- Police Department deals with suspect that have Wanted 1 or 2.  

+ Police Department Commands :

[/r (text)] = Speak to LVPD colleagues.
[/d (text)] = Speak to all other departments (SFPD/LSPD/FBI/NG).
[/m (text)] = Send a message to a large radius when in a department vehicle.
[/ms] = Like [/m], this command is used when you have [/find] on a suspect and he is right near you.
[/su (id/name) (wanted level) (reason)] = Give a person wanted.
[/arrest (id/name)] = Arrest a person; must coincide with wanted level.
[/duty] = Go on duty, gives access to commands, truncheon/gun/spray.
[/wanted] = Shows all wanted suspects (1-6).
[/nearwanted] = Shows wanted suspects in your vicinity.
[/cuff (id/name)] = Handcuff a suspect in a car and outside the vehicle when this have /handsup.
[/tazer] = Mounts a tazer on your pistol.
[/punish (id/name)] = immobilises a player inside the jail (for jail fight).
[/backup] = Request backup for dire situations, shows departments members your location.
[/cbackup] = Cancel /backup.
[/frisk (id/name)] = Shows a players inventory (Drugs, weapons, materials etc..).
[/confiscate (id/name) (object)] = Confiscate the specified item(s).
[/ticket (id/name) (amount) (reason)] = Give a player a ticket.
[/gov (text)] = Send a global message to all players online (Rank 5+).
[/ram] = Force access to a house or HQ.
[/startradar (the limit)] = You start the radar.
[/stopradar] = You stop the radar.
[/lawyer (id/nume) (suma)] = Sell an accept to a lawyer.
[/acceptpoints] = Shows how many accept points you have.

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